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What is Avant&Garde?

Avant&Garde is a Portland, OR based mobile case subscription in which each month every customer will receive a new case with a different design. Our mission is to help our customers grow their smartphone's 'wardrobe' one case a month.

How does the process work?

You will first select the phone you would like for your subscription box, then choose the different style of case (each different prices), then specify your gender, why? When we send out your case, we will know whether to send a guy design or a girl design.

Does every customer get the same design?

Yes and no. Based on your gender preference, you will get the design that has been voted for that particular month. Each month the design will be different based on the voting count.

How do I vote for a design?

Every month, an email will be sent out to everyone subscribed to our monthly subscription box to vote for the upcoming month. The one with the most vote will be chosen as the winner of the next month's design. Guys and Girls will have a separate set of designs to vote on.

Why would I want more than one case?

Well, it's always nice to have more than just one case; that way, your phone(case) case match with your activity of the day or more importantly, your outfit of the day.

What if I do not vote on a design, do I still get my case the next month?

Although we recommend you do try and vote for the design you wish to have on your case, you will receive your case in the mail.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, there are no contracts.



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