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Summer 2017 Fashion Trends

08 Jun, 2017

Summer Fashion '17 | Accessories Your Phone With Fashion-Forward Cases

6 Summer Fashion Trends You Should Be Wearing Right Now

Summer is finally here. Fashionistas are rejoicing at the opportunity to show a little more skin and get creative with different styles and flairs under the radiant summer sun. It’s a high-fashion time of year, and there are some unmistakable fashion trends you should be wearing for summer 2017. 

Be sure to match up your expertly coordinated summer outfits with corresponding, glamorous Galaxy S7 Cases, iPhone 7 Plus Cases, and Google Pixel Cases this summer. Fashion is about more than just the clothes on your back, and in order to give you some summer style inspiration, we’re going to look at 6 summer fashion trends you should take note of during the coming months:

Athleisure | Athletic-leisure clothing and streetstyle is absolutely EVERYWHERE this summer. If you don’t have a pair of athletic or plain white sneakers, you are clearly behind the trend. One of the key defining features of Athleisure is the dependence on neutral, solid colors. There’s no room for funky patterns or intense colors when it comes to Athleisure, which means coordinating your outfits with a new iPhone 7 Marble Case is going to be a breeze.

    Logos | People are all about the massive Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, etc. logos across the front of their clothing today. It’s a simplistic fashion statement that boldly centers on the captivating ability of a centered logo. Since slogans and logos are being plastered on everything (we’re looking at you, Adidas and Nike), you’re going to want to consider a lighter, less-intense fashion-forward Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus phone case for complementary effects.

    80s Party-Style | Summer 2017 is shaping up to be a lax compared to other years. It’s all about being comfortable this summer. Another trend sweeping the nightlife scene is 80s party style, bringing back leggings, sneakers, high-ponytails, and baggy sports jackets that add an eye-catching element to simplistic style designs. If you’re all about the 80s look, consider a Marble or Floral phone case for a completed style.

    Bare Shoulders | Every romper, jumper, dress, and shirt today has that cutout shoulders look going on. Whatever the allure, every clothing line is making sure they offer some type of bare shoulder fashion piece for keeping up with the latest trends. And, now that summers here, the shoulder openings are only going to get bigger. Whether it’s a trend you like or not, it’s definitely one that is here to stay through the duration of summer.

    Florals | Considered a summer classic, florals are back this summer and they’re bolder than ever. We’re seeing bright, staple flower pieces, subtler patterns with pastel overtones, and just about everything in between. There’s even a florals backpack movement. On Avant and Garde, we carry a variety of floral-inspired phone cases that are suited to any type of smartphone. 

    Color Clashing | Just incase Athleisure and dark logos aren’t your thing, color clashing is also popular right now. If you’re someone who likes to pair bright greens with offset oranges, this summer is the time to let it shine. It’s a trend that complements the 80s party style, and just overall makes everything a little more edgy. Of course, to take your color clashing to the next level, consider sporting an off-color phone case for really turning heads at your next social gathering.

    Ready to tackle 2017’s most daring summer fashion trends? As always, to take your fashion stance to the next level, consider one of our high-fashion smartphone cases. We have a selection that is sure to enhance any one of your crazy summer outfits.

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